Exel Operations Supervisor (Packaging) in United States

Coordinates and supervises the daily and weekly activities that occur within assigned area of the location/operation; provides leadership, motivation, training, and development of workforce; executes against customer/site requirements; participates in continuous improvement activities as part of the site management team and ensures company policies are followed and site develops positive work culture that makes our Company First Choice for Associates.

  • **Coordinate and supervise the custom packaging and display building activities in a manner consistent with company service and cost objectives.

  • **Manage highly efficient production lines using lean manufacturing processes.

  • **Assist in the development and pricing of new packaging projects.

  • **Create programs to enhance the training and development of associates.

  • **Conduct operations in a manner that promotes the safety, security and cleanliness of the facility.

  • **Complete all necessary records and reports in a timely and accurate fashion.

Associate Interaction (30% time) – Example activities include Associate Development, one on one coaching, walking throughout work area during assigned shift, conflict resolution among associates, associate group meetings and training. Specifically:

  • Direct the necessary daily activity to ensure a safe, secure, clean and fair work environment for associates.

  • Deliver associate orientation, training, performance reviews, and/or development as appropriate.

  • Participate in the management of turnover among hourly staff consistent with the site turnover objectives.

  • Ensure the associates have proper access to the necessary tools to perform their assigned duties and that the tools are routinely inspected and maintained.

First Choice / Process Improvement (5% time) – Example activities include action planning with client, project planning follow-up, space planning, turnover review and workshop participation. Specifically:

  • Organize and lead the focus on improved productivity levels in a manner that first stresses effectiveness by improving processes and secondly stresses the efficiency of associate work.

  • Collaborate with the regional sites to share in safety, labor sharing, and best practice initiatives.

  • Participate in the completion of workshop action plans, projects and best practice sharing/implementation.

Planning (35% time) - Example activities include manpower planning, equipment maintenance, work flow prioritization and daily scheduling. Specifically:

  • Plan, manage, and adjust the daily workload and staffing to minimize the unplanned overtime.

  • Ensure shift/daily/weekly workload planning and volume forecasting routines are accomplished (i.e., staffing, equipment, space).

Human Resources (5% time) - Example activities include identifying labor needs, interviews and recruiting activities, implementing training, and coaching / counseling for improved performance. Specifically:

  • Ensure company policies are communicated, applied, and enforced (i.e., safety, accounting, operational, regulatory, and administrative).

  • Maximizes quality and productivity by understanding job standards for each function, and evaluating performance variances in order to identify root cause and corrective action.

Communications (10% time) - Example activities include staff meetings, customer interactions, vendor/service provider interactions, and internal communications with peers, staff and internal business unit departments. Specifically:

  • Effectively communicate work task Standard Operating Procedures, convey key information during pre-shift meetings and ensure appropriate shift hand-offs.

  • Provide a professional environment with relation to external customers and vendors such as drivers, dispatchers, and customer representatives.

Reporting (15% time) - Example activities include Key Performance Indicator tracking, quality reports, audits, financial reporting, material handling equipment reports, site or individual performance tracking and customer required reports. Specifically:

  • Execute daily customer / vendor contract requirements and identify accessorial activity (work outside commercial contracts) and ensure necessary documentation.

  • Ensure inventory integrity by timely and accurate receiving, picking, shipping, and inventory management.

  • Participate in the collection of performance measurements consistent with customer, vendor, and site requirements.