Philips Project Manager in China

Formulates as the Project Manager the project plan, in accordance with the goals and timing, set by management;

specifies the manning of the project, resources required, anticipated costs, risk assessment and quality standards to be used.

Controls the project budget and project progress, evaluates all project initiatives as to feasibility, costs/benefits and added value, takes corrective actions when necessary and generates adequate reporting.

Leads the service project, within the project budget and program strategy, in terms of quality, money, time, information and organization, monitoring progress and managing external resources.

Directs employees and gives them operational guidance, regarding content and organization.

Reports on employees’ performance to the hierarchical superior of the employees for the purpose of appraisal and makes proposals for training.

Responsible for small projects with improvement aspects and/or for own project team or being part of a larger project.

Accent on realization service process. Duration < ½ year. Leads clearly defined local improvement projects.