Philips Reliability Leader in Shenyang, China


  1. Establish, deploy, improve and complete the reliability engineering and management in CT products.

  2. Responsible for building all CT products’ reliability methods and processes

  3. Improve the reliability of all CT products

  4. Assure all CT products satisfy reliability requirements

  5. Assure reliability work is implemented smoothly and reaches the reliability targets

  6. Guide the engineer in designing the reliability tests, analyzing results, and making further improvements

  7. Help developers and customers improve product quality by providing constructive advice

  8. Carry out fundamental research and key technical projects in cross‐functional settings.

  9. Lead analysis of serious problems, supervise and encourage remediation.

  10. Regularly organize reliability training.


  1. Bachelor’s degree or above in a science or engineering field

  2. At least 3 years’ experience in reliability work

  3. Knowledge of reliability theory and experimental experience

  4. Able to design reliability criteria and analyze reliability data

  5. Understand reliability management s systems

  6. Strong problem‐solving skills and the ability to articulate solutions

  7. Able to work on internal and cross‐department projects

  8. Good communication skills

  9. Microsoft Office experience

  10. Experience with the FMEA model, proficient inn ALT/HALT/HASS methods, MTBF/MTTR, familiar with usability, forecasting, and life cycle analysis testing strategies (such as Weibull distributing) and able to optimize reliability methods

  11. Able to communicate in English,Good command of Chinese Language skill(spoken and written) is a must.

  12. Working experience in medical systems, with an electrical/ electronic/mechanical/software system background, is preferred