Philips Algorithm and Software Engineer in Shenyang, China

Job Title: Algorithm and Software Engineer

Department部门: CT研发部 – CT R&D

Educational requirements学历要求: 硕士及以上

Target Major目标专业: 生物医学工程/计算机科学/信号处理/图像处理//数学/物理/软件工程,或相关专业

Position key words职位关键词: CT图像重建、CT校正、图像识别、Matlab、C+ Job Summery 职位概述

  • 2016或2017届硕士/博士,生物医学工程/计算机科学/信号处理/图像处理/数学/物理/软件工程,或相关专业

  • 专业知识和工程经验方面,对下述几点至少有一点精通,且有实际项目经验:

  • CT重建原理(2D和3D)

  • CT校正算法

  • 图像识别(有医学图像经验更佳)

  • 信号处理

  • X射线物理

  • 蒙特卡洛模拟

  • 大规模并行计算架构设计

  • 数据/图像分析类工具软件开发

  • 开发技能方面,对下述几点至少有一点精通,且有实际项目经验:

  • Matlab (包括GUI编程),万行以上编程经验优先考虑

  • C/C++,三万行以上编程经验优先考虑

Responsibility 工作职责

  • Responsible for the algorithm design/feasibility study of an advanced feature;

  • Responsible for the software design, realization and test of a system, component or module;

  • Keeps abreast of technical developments in own field through study of the literature and technical contacts;

  • Knowledge sharing and technical support with relevant people/team.

Requirements 工作要求

  • Master or above in biomedical engineering, computer science, signal processing, image processing, mathematics, physics, software engineering, or relative discipline;

  • Knowledge of CT physics or image/signal processing or massive parallel computation;

  • Experience of algorithm design and/or software development;

  • Familiar with Matlab and/or C++;

  • Influence oral English;

  • Open and good communication with others, strong team spirit, self-motivated.

Department Introduction 部门介绍