Philips JD POP Shop Management Manager in Shanghai, China

Works as an Online Account Manager, on problems of diverse scope where analysis of online account data requires evaluation of identifiable factors.

The development of the solution requires a multi-disciplinary approach and knowledge of online account principles, -theories and -concepts.

Formulates the solution for (technical) partial problems that cannot be found by combining previous experiences but by composing newly acquired online account knowledge.

May lead multi-disciplinary online account change projects, managing a number of people. Works independently and provides consultative advice within specific functional areas.

Introduces online account methods/procedures that are new for the organization. Applies advanced online account process principles to multiple tasks.

Proficient in area of specialization and contributes in other disciplines. Determines feasibility of online account concepts or projects. Has basic knowledge of related disciplines.

Typically requires a Bachelor’s degree with > 5 years of related experience in online account management; or a Master’s degree with < 3 years of related experience in online account management., Online shop management experience will be preferred