Lewis Tree Service, Inc General Foreman in Sarasota, Florida



Job Description


1.Must have a minimum of four (4) years of experience as a Crew Leader.

2.Must have a valid driver’s license; CDL preferred.

  1. Current ISA arborist certification, preferred.

4.Know, understand, and positively enforce all Company policies and procedures.

5.Strong leadership skills; must demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate with the public, customers, fellow workers, superiors, and corporate personnel.

6.Well groomed and properly dressed.

7.Understands the hours of service as a General Foreman will exceed that of a Crew Leader classification.

8.Have a working knowledge of all equipment associated with line clearance activities. Computer literate.

9.Have knowledge of climbing skills and other aspects of electrical line clearance operations, which may include having a pesticide applicator license.

10.Must have a thorough knowledge of proper pruning techniques.

11.Must be honest, trustworthy, and portray the Company in a positive light.

12.Must be extremely safety conscious.

13.Must have met all qualifications and nature of duties of a Crew Leader.

  1. Bi-lingual in English/Spanish, preferred.

  2. A desire to obtain ISA certificate and Herbicide Applicator license


1.Visits crews on a daily basis giving guidance, instructions and necessary supplies.

2.Supervises Crew Leaders making sure they are fulfilling the Crew Leader qualifications and nature of duties.

3.Observes, supports, and gives guidance to Crew Leaders for achieving maximum results in operational priorities.

4.Calls on existing customers to assure customer satisfaction.

5.Responsible to see that equipment repairs, preventative maintenance, and purchasing policies and procedures are properly followed.

6.Works directly with Risk Management Department to ensure all safety procedures are followed and proper safety equipment is being worn.

7.Conducts incident analysis directly after incidents occur, working in conjunction with Risk Management guidelines.

8.Assists manager in the bidding process.

9.Attends internal and external training courses which pertain to improving abilities toward human relations skills, business management and technical aspects of the tree industry.

10.Keeps manager informed of crew activities, results, equipment problems, employee and customer concerns.

11.Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor.


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Requirements See Job Description

Requisition Number: 15-0069

Post Date: 12/22/2015

Title: General Foreman

City: Sarasota

State: FL