HCA, Hospital Corporation of America Clinical Liaison - Inpatient Rehab PRN in Richmond, Virginia

Position Summary: This position acts as a inpatient rehabilitation expert between internal and external referral sources, and inpatient rehabilitation operations. The Clinical Rehabilitation Specialist is responsible for establishing relationships with case managers, physicians, payers, and other referral sources. The Clinical Rehabilitation Specialist will ensure appropriate patient placement through clinical assessments and screening in collaboration with the Rehab Medical Director. The Clinical Rehabilitation Specialist is the primary responsible party focused on moving appropriate candidates into inpatient rehabilitation at the appropriate time.

Position Responsibilities: 1. Assist and coordinates the in-take and pre-admission screening process. Accurately documents evidence of rehab admission criteria on Pre-Screen evaluation in a timely and legible manner. Pre-screen updates are to be completed within 48 hours of admission. Admission decisions are communicated to referral source within 2 hours from time of referral receipt. For an HCA facility this is after receipt of an order from the attending physician requesting evaluation and after the patient has been offered a choice of providers by Case Management staff. 2. Perform on-site and off-site clinical evaluation to assist Rehab Medical Director in determining appropriateness of patient for admission. 3. Provides information related to inpatient rehab and program features to patient and family members. 4. Communicates to patients the expectations and requirements for participation upon admission to the rehab program. Offers each patient and family a tour of the rehab unit; coordinating tour if unable to provide personally. 5. Secures information relating to patients resources and healthcare insurance benefits. 6. Demonstrates clinical knowledge of rehab admission criteria, leading to appropriate identification of qualified rehab patients. 7. Advises referral sources on inpatient rehab criteria. 8. Functions as primary contact for case management and referring physicians. Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with the same referral sources. 9. Completes face-to-face, in-service educational contacts with physicians, case managers, other interdisciplinary members and other professionals. Serves as an educational resource to patients, family members and caregivers. 10. Participates in market analysis, data analysis and development and implementation of business plans for the Rehab Unit. Contributes to the development and maintenance of referral source information such as brochures, flyers, referrals and information kit and other outreach tools. 11. Proficient in time management. Prioritizes meeting commitments to referral sources. Develops a call-plan to prioritize utilization of time. 12. Assists in developing the annual strategic plan for the Rehab Unit/Hospital, to include visible community outreach programming and raising community awareness of services available. 13. Ensures referral sources receive appropriate and timely follow-up communications regarding their patients and hospital programs. 14. Develops back up system to handle calls when he/she is unavailable. 15. Participates in a system that ensures calls are appropriately handled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Professional Requirements: 1. Demonstrates excellent interpersonal skills within the facility and with the public. 2. Adheres to dress code. Appearance is neat, clean and professional. 3. Demonstrates the ability to be flexible, organized and function under stressful conditions. 4. Participates in weekend rotation schedule to ensure continuous access by referral sources to rehab services, such as referral, evaluation and admission to program; 7 days a week. 5. Consistently completes all assignments in a timely manner. Is thorough and appropriately detailed. 6. Complies with all regulatory requirements, including all state, federal and Joint Commission regulations. 7. Maintains and ensures patient confidentiality at all times. 8. Reports to work on time and as scheduled. Able to provide personal transportation to multiple referral sites throughout referral catchment area(s). 9. Wears identification while on duty. 10. Attends departmental in-services and completes annual competencies/education requirements. 11. Works at maintaining a good rapport and a cooperative working relationship with physicians, departments and staff. 12. Represents the organization in a positive and professional manner. 13. Complies with policies and procedures regarding department operations, fire, safety, infection control and emergency management. 14. Complies with all organizational policies regarding ethical business practices. 15. Communicates the mission, ethics and goals of the hospital, as well as the focus statement of the Unit. Position Requirements: Minimum requirements: 1. Licensed Professional in a clinical health care specialty (i.e. RN, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, or Speech Therapist). 2. Current state licensure in clinical practice area or eligible for state license transfer. 3. Graduate of an accredited school in clinical specialty. 4. Minimum 2 years recent clinical care experience. 5. Professional appearance. 6. Effective verbal, written and persuasive communication skills. 7. Computer and keyboarding skills (25 wpm minimum). 8. Ability to work with others to ensure quality patient care. 9. Organization and time management skills. 10. Strong problem solving skills. 11. Interpersonal skills. 12. Continuous focus on excellence in work environment.

Preferred requirements: 1. BCLS certification (AHA) 2. Pass facility credentialing for Functional Independence Measurement (FIM) within 90 days upon hire, then maintains current certification. 3. If RN, CRRN preferred and / or achieved within 2 years of accepting position. 4. Clinical experience in the care and management of the Inpatient Rehabilitation patient. 5. Experience as a clinical liaison coordinating admissions for inpatient rehabilitation preferred

Title: Clinical Liaison - Inpatient Rehab PRN

Location: Virginia-Richmond-Henrico Doctors Hospital Parham

Requisition ID: 00448-35183