Blackstone Consulting Food Sanitation Specialist in Port Hueneme, California

Description/Job Summary

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Reports directly to the Lead Food Service Attendant. Responsible for receiving and carrying out instructions and directions issued by the Lead Food Service Attendant.

  • Performs a variety of tasks concerned with the preparation and serving of foods and beverages:

  • Makes coffee, tea, and other beverages.

  • Prepares dining and serving areas by setting up tables.

  • Places food containers on serving line in serving order. Breaks down serving line.

  • Fills salt and pepper shakers and places linen.

  • Dishes out portions of food on trays or plates.

  • Scrapes, washes, and sorts dishes, glassware, and silverware.

  • Cleans and washes pots and pans, and return pots and pans to designated storage area.

  • Sweeps and mops floors. Cleans drains and mats, empties and cleans garbage cans.

  • Cleans restrooms, replenish paper products and hand washing products.

  • Clean exhaust hoods, walls, ceilings, doors.

  • Vacuums, shampoos carpets and cleans windows.

  • Performs other duties as assigned and which are included in the contract.

  • Qualifications:*

  • Ability to work flexible hours as needed to meet service requirements.

  • Must complete a certified Food Service Supervisory Sanitation Program (IAW NAVMED P-5010).

  • Must be able to lift up to fifty (50) pounds, stand, walk, climb, reach, bend and push frequently.

  • Must be able to tolerate confined areas, noise exposure, extreme temperatures (hot/cold), dusts, work indoors/outdoors and exposure to minor cuts.

  • Must be a citizen of the United States (U.S.) or possess a valid U.S. Immigration T-151 or I-94 Alien Registration Card.

  • Must read, write, speak and understand English, and shall be able to understand and speak with every person employed on the contract, and all Government personnel so as to effectively communicate.

  • Must complete a pre-employment physical screening to ensure the likelihood of food-borne disease transmission is prevented IAW NAVMED P-5010.

Other Requirements:

  • Must present a clean shaven and neat appearance; wear approved company uniforms, hat/hairnets.

  • Must wear black, sturdy, construction, non-skid sole, work shoes that cover the entire foot with heels that do not exceed 1 inch in height.