Lewis Tree Service, Inc Trimmer/Climber in Port Charlotte, Florida


Qualifications for Trimmer/Climber:

  1. Total of two years experience working on trimming crew or clearing crews.
  2. Demonstrate a general knowledge of trees, including identification, growth habits and correct arboriculture techniques for the trimming, pruning, repairing, maintaining and removing.
  3. Know and understand the American National Standards for tree care operations ANSI Z133.1
  4. Know and understand all AOPs that apply to the top trimmers job description.
  5. Must have a basic knowledge of electrical circuits and must be skilled in the reading and understanding of circuit maps.
  6. Must have a valid drivers license, CDL and/or medical certification as required for the vehicle being operated.
  7. Have valid First Aid and CPR card.
  8. Must successfully complete a Top Trimmer Technical Knowledge and Skills Certification.
  9. Must have and maintain Herbicide Applicators or Operators Certification and licensing required by Lewis Tree Service Policy and state, local and federal law.
  10. Must have met all qualifications of Trimmer.

Nature of Duties:

  1. Performs actual work functions as a qualified line clearance tree trimmer.
  2. Directs tree crew when crew leader is away from the job.
  3. Responsible for the inspection and proper working conditions for all tools and equipment assigned to the employee by the crew leader. Request repairs or replacements when necessary.
  4. Safeguards employees and public from hazards in and around the working area.
  5. Keeps informed on new equipment specifications, standards, practices and procedures.
  6. Conducts and assists in conducting a job briefing at each job site. (Pre-Job Hazard Survey).
  7. When required by crew leader, conducts field training or retraining of crew members in the performance of the following functions:

a. Trims trees, involving climbing and working in trees near energized lines.

b. Removal of trees and brush, dispose of debris.

c. Operations of power equipment, such as trucks, chippers, aerial lifts, power saws, sprayers, use of ladders and tools.

d. Spraying brush and stumps, mixing, proper application of spray chemicals to prevent damage to desirable vegetation.

  1. Assist crew leader with obtaining written permission from property owners. Help promote and maintain good customer and public relations.

  2. Help enforce on the job safety practices.

  3. In addition to the above, performs other duties as required or assigned.

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Requirements see job description

Requisition Number: 15-0064

Post Date: 12/22/2015

Title: Trimmer/Climber

City: Port Charlotte

State: FL