Lewis Tree Service, Inc Trimmer/Climber in Huntsville, Alabama


TRIMMER (BUCKET OPERATOR/CLIMBER): Qualifications: A total of twelve months experience working on tree trimming crews or clearing crews. Have a valid driver's license, CDL preferred; and/or medical certification as required for the vehicle being operated. Have valid First Aid and CPR cards. Have a basic knowledge of trees including identification, growth habits and correct arboriculture techniques for the trimming, pruning, repairing, maintaining and removing, as applicable to working in close proximity to energized conductors. Know and understand all AOP's that apply to the Advanced Trimmer Trainee description. Must successfully complete an Advanced Trimmer Trainee Technical Knowledge & Skills Certification. Must have and maintain a Herbicide and Applicators or operations certification and license as required by Lewis Tree Service Policy and state, local and federal law. Must have met all qualifications of Trimmer Trainee. Nature of duties: Performs actual work functions as a line clearance tree trimmer while UNDER DIRECT SUPERVISION OF A CREW LEADER OR A QUALIFIED LINE CLEARANCE TREE TRIMMER. Removal of trees and brush, cleanup and disposal of debris. Operation of power equipment, such as trucks, chippers, aerial lifts, power saws, sprayers, use of ladders and hand tools. Responsible for the inspection and proper working conditions of all tools and equipment assigned to the worker by the crew leader. Safeguards employees and public from hazards in and around the working area. Helps enforce on the job safety practices. In addition to the above, performs other duties as required or as assigned. *Online application tip: When completing application, if you are unable to see the entire content (centered), most likely your settings need to be set to "compatibility view." You can find the "tools" (usually at the top section of your window).


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Requisition Number: 16-0045

Post Date: 10/5/2016

Title: Trimmer/Climber

City: Huntsville

State: Al