HCA, Hospital Corporation of America Director of Surgical Services- Medina Healthcare System (Hondo, TX) in Hondo, Texas


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Plans, assesses, directs and participates in the delivery of Operating Room, PACU and OP Procedures nursing care.

Participates in setting standards in the delivery of Operating Room, PACU and OP procedures.

Monitors, records cardiac rhythm, and evaluates and treats cardiac arrhythmias appropriately.

Manages care of patients receiving intravenous drug therapy and monitors hemodynamic stability according to established procedure.

Assists with various surgical procedures including but not limited to: Cholecystectomy, appendectomy, bowel resections, c-section, arthroscopy, hysterectomy, gallbladder, fixation of fractures, ophthalmology, endoscopies, etc., with understanding of the pathophysiology involved.

Cares for surgical patients over the age of two (2) year immediately post operatively including statement of surgical procedures, IV care, fluid and electrolyte maintenance, monitoring adequate urine output, incisional dressing drains, NG, recovery from anesthesia, adequate ventilation, 02 therapy, vital signs and signs and symptoms of complications and reports them to the physician in a timely manner.

Coordinates the delivery of nursing are to patients to ensure compliance with hospitals policies, procedures & protocols.

Cares for the patient post orthopedic surgery including CSM checks below surgical intervention and/or cast with documentation and noting signs and symptoms of complication and reports them to the physician in a timely manner. Maintains proficiency in proper aseptic technique in the operating room and autoclaves instruments in necessary.

Demonstrates ability to recognize improperly functioning equipment. Assists in maintenance of equipment for proper function and safety.

Provides nursing measure to prevent any loss of skin integrity and maintain safety in the OR.

Recognizes emergency situations and institutes the established procedure for the specific situation.

Maintains accurate and timely operating room documentation.

Provides psychosocial care to the patient and family including assessment of needs and provides nursing interventions according to policy and procedure. Insures staff compliance with established system for the delivery of patient care. Assists with various outpatient procedures including but not limited to endoscopies, insertion of dialysis catheters and the excision of skin and subcutaneous lesions.

Supervises the day to day activities of Sterile Processing including but not limited to cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing of supplies and equipment, and stocking of supplies.

Evaluates the quality of nursing care in compliance with the established standards of nursing practices.

Evaluates nursing care policies, procedures, and practices and recommends additions or revisions.

Continually evaluates nursing care provided by reviewing care plans, assessing patients, reviewing charts, and participating in quality assurance activities. Participates with the Director of Clinical Services in the evaluating of in-service programs, nursing orientation and the achievement of nursing objectives. Identifies problem areas of patient care and assists in formulating plans of action or taking action to solve them.

Maintains the requirements inventory of supplies and equipment in the operating room, central supply and minor procedure room.

Assesses the supplies needed and establishes a system for acquisition, storage, control, and issue.

Determines equipment needs and assures equipment is maintained in good working condition.

Determines documentation supply item requirements and consults with the Director of Nursing to develop, review and revise forms and reports. Assures crash cart, emergency, and oxygen resuscitation equipment is checked each working day.

Facilitates favorable relationships within the operating room, PACU, minor procedures room, and with the Medical Staff, and other hospital departments and seeks input regarding nursing care.

Maintains positive and effective relationships with other departments checked each working day.

Consults with physicians to resolve problems and to obtain and provide patient care inputs.

Maintains open communication and problem solving atmosphere with other departments to achieve quality patient care.

Assists with the management of Nursing Department functions and supervises the operating room, minor procedure room and PACU employees.

Assists with development of departmental policies, procedures, and practices, and monitors for compliance and consistency once established.

Provides input and facilitates staff input into decisions affecting nursing practice. Assists in selecting, hiring, orienting, developing, evaluating, disciplining, and recommends termination of unit employees in compliance with the hospital policy.

Participates in the preparation of the department budget and monitoring the department budget and monitoring the utilization of approved budget resources with special attention to assuring appropriate staffing and supply levels.

Monitors and controls the utilization of the unit’s approved budgeted resources. Communications key information to employees.

Identifies and removes obstacles to employee productivity. Acknowledges contributions made by staff.

Demonstrates support for quality initiatives by communicating concerns and goals throughout area of responsibility; takes action to resolve issues as appropriate.

Solicits feedback from staff regarding own guidelines.

Adjusts staffing to ensure minimal use of overtime.

Listens to the suggestions of staff & involves them in the decision making process.

Utilizes positive reinforcement with employees. Initiates appropriate actions to resolve performance and/or behavioral problems.

Is readily accessible to employees.

Utilizes methods to gain maximum productivity from employees.


Seeks educational opportunities for self within and outside of the workplace. Assumes accountability for professional practice.

Maintains clinical proficiency through staff education, direct patient care and continuing education.

Asses staff education needs.

Assists employees in applying new skills, techniques and understandings.

Other Significant Requirements:

Maintains confidentially while working with confidential matters on a daily basis. Provides service direct to patients while maintaining a positive patient relations atmosphere.

Interacts with patients, family members, Medical Staff members and other department managers on a continuous basis.

Follows aseptic technique and uses precautions when involved in direct patient contact or handling potentially infectious materials.

The incumbent must fulfill the performance of standards of this position and comply with the policies, rules and procedures of the System, facility and department.

Qualifications: Prior work experience as a Registered Nurse in the operating room. One year supervisory experience preferred.

Duties of the position require extended periods of standing and walking, bending, stopping, twisting, reaching and lifting up to 50 pounds. Occasionally heavy lifting when moving or supporting patients who may suddenly become weak and helpless. May be exposed to such occupational hazards as communicable diseases, radiation, and electrical hazards. May be required to be on standby and work extended shifts. May be exposed to disoriented and combative patients.

Demonstrated ability in nursing practice. Leadership and management abilities and effective oral and written communication skills.

Education: Graduate of an accredited School of Professional Nursing. Bachelor’s degree in Nursing preferred.

Certification: BCLS and ACLS required.

Title: Director of Surgical Services- Medina Healthcare System (Hondo, TX)

Location: Texas-Hondo-Medina Regional Hospital

Requisition ID: 08164-MEDINA1-MTH