U-Haul Assembler in HAMMOND, Indiana


U-Haul Manufacturing PlantsTap-A-Lite EastHAMMOND , IN


U-Haul is looking for skilled and proficient individuals to perform production line functions necessary for the fabrication and assembly of Wiring Harnesses. This position is in a fast-paced work environment where working with other team members, good work attendance and safety/attention to detail is critical to achieving daily quality and operation goals.

  • Assemble parts by examining connections for correct fit; fastening parts and sub-assemblies.

  • Position parts and wiring by using templates and/or reading measurements.

  • Utilize proper tools to assemble wiring harnesses to specific specifications.

  • Prepare parts for assembly by performing repetitive tasks (e.g., splicing, taping, sleeving, ect.)

  • Maintain a safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules and regulations.

  • Proper care and usage of assembly tools (e.g.,splicing machines, terminal parts machines, hand tools, etc.), equipment and facility.

  • Attendance very critical to daily operations of the assembly line.


  • Must be able to use perform repetitive motions using hands, arms, etc. on a daily basis

  • Must be able to stand for 8hrs.

Work Status: