U-Haul Supervisor Production in GLENDALE, Arizona

Supervisor Production

U-Haul Manufacturing PlantsGlendale Mfg CoGLENDALE , AZ


Supervise and coordinate the activities of employees in the manufacture of trailers, truck van bodies, and rental items. Recommend measures to improve manufacturing methods and the quality of finished products. Develop and maintain a work group which is capable of meeting departmental objectives. Other duties include: establish priorities in order to meet production schedules, check work at various stages of production to ensure quality product and resolve any problems that may occur, and advise management of methods in order to make a more efficient assembly. Must possess a valid driver's license and maintain and excellent driving record.


• Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs assisted or unassisted• Steel toe boots/shoes

Work Status:


Hours Needed:

(These hours may change based on business needs)

  • Sun –NA

  • Mon –5am to 1pm

  • Tue –5am to 1pm

  • Wed –5am to 1pm

  • Thu –5am to 1pm

  • Fri –5am to 1am

  • Sat –NA