HCA, Hospital Corporation of America St.David's Georgetown Hospital - Medical Technologist( MT Certified) in Georgetown, Texas

MedicalTechnologist- Position Description: 1. Adheres to established quality control policies and procedures. • Performs and documents required quality control per departmental policy • Performs quality control review as assigned or per departmental policy. • Performs and documents corrective action. • Recognizes QC problems and notifies supervisor. • Able to recognize shifts and trends and take appropriate corrective action. • Demonstrates ability to solve problems and serve as charge tech in the absence of an on-site supervisor.

  1. Performs routine and specialized test procedures. • Completes work within assigned time. • Requires minimal supervision. • Work is accurate and neat. Requires very little rework. • Takes responsibility for troubleshooting of instrument/method, quality control and specimen problems. • Communicates problems to supervisor and/or next shift. • Assists in training new personnel. • Participates in development/correlation work for new methods/instruments. • Performs work review and pending work review as required.

  2. Consistently maintains work area. • Checks work area daily and restocks supplies as needed. • Notifies supervisor of ordering needs. • Receives supplies and puts them in storage areas. • Dates all stock with received and opened dates. • Wipes down work area with disinfectant at least once per shift and documents. • Performs and documents all required instrument maintenance.

  3. Utilizes appropriate computer skills. • Knows how to correctly receive specimens and print labels. • Uses worksheets and pending work review routinely and appropriately. • Enters QC data correctly. • Enters and verifies patient data correctly, making less than 1 significant error per quarter. • Assists in writing procedures and maintaining computer data base as needed. • Knows how to look up patient data/reports.

  4. Follows OSHA guidelines for PPE. • Always wears appropriate lab coat in the work area. • Wears gloves when handling specimens when there is a potential for splashing or in certain procedural steps. • Utilizes face shields, goggles and movable shields at appropriate times.

  5. Employee's conduct must reflect the Company's values and a commitment to the Code of Conduct ethics and compliance program.

  6. Other duties as assigned.

Education/Experience/Certification: Required: Bachelors degree in Medical Technology or a related field from an accredited university or college; computer skills; One year clinical rotation or internship in an accredited medical technology program or a 50-week military training course. Preferred: Registered MT (ASCP, NCA, etc.)

Title: St.David's Georgetown Hospital - Medical Technologist( MT Certified)

Location: Texas-Georgetown-St. David%27s Georgetown Hospital

Requisition ID: 25067-49905