Philips System Development Engineer in Eindhoven, Netherlands

Your challenge

Philips has developed a handheld immunoassay system with the ambition to become one of the leading players in the POC IVD market. The business model is driven by the sales of disposable cartridges. To allow measurements from a small droplet of whole blood the current disposable microfluidic cartridge uses a commercial membrane for blood-plasma separation, which has some sever drawbacks from technical and cost point of view. We envision replacing this membrane by an integrated and more cost-effective solution based on a radical new separation method. Development of this solution requires a thorough understanding of the (bio-) physics involved, such as dynamic behavior of blood cells in microfluidic channels by connecting simulation to experimental observations. Furthermore, it comprises the application of rapid prototyping technologies and multi-disciplinary evaluation (including biological assay performance).

As a System Development Engineer, you will strengthen the Handheld Diagnostics team with brain- and man- power to ensure the timely release of high quality products, systems and services to ensure the continued growth in an agile environment.

Your responsibilities

The project scope:

  • Integration of a novel blood-plasma separation method in a disposable microfluidic device suitable for POC testing.

  • Development of a functional model by connecting (bio-) physics simulation with experimental observations.

  • Realization of prototypes applying rapid prototyping and tooling for injection molding.

  • Evaluation of prototypes based on fluidic (filling) and immunoassay performance parameters.

We expect you to deliver next:

  • A (bio-)physical model

  • Parts of several designs for evaluation

  • Experimental evaluation, updated model and proposals for optimized design

  • Second evaluation of optimized designs and final reporting including recommendations for industrial implementation

Your team

Handheld Diagnostics is one of the biggest Business Units within the Business Group EBA. Handheld Diagnostics has grown to over 200 FTE and our aim is to generate new business in a new market for Philips which will significantly contribute to the growth ambitions. Handheld Diagnostics has developed a next generation Point of Care solutions which aims to support the caregiver in making faster decisions in the Emergency Departments to reduce costs and improve patient satisfaction. As System Development Engineer you will report to the Director of System Development.

This position will be located at the High Tech Campus (HTC) in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Our offer

We believe that every mega growth period creates an exceptional career runway. In fact, the Emerging Businesses leadership team gets out of bed every morning with the sole focus of growing the business and growing the people who contribute to it. Luckily, you are the benefactor of this unique opportunity and leadership commitment- likely to experience an exciting high stakes, mobility-focused environment from which to create your own future – personally, professionally & financially.

We welcome you to a challenging, innovative environment with great opportunities for you to explore.

Skills and experience to be gained and developed :

  • Microfluidic and (bio-)physics modeling (RBC behavior)

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Design evaluation and optimization based on fluid and assay performance parameters

  • Working at the frontiers of microfluidic integration in an entrepreneurial development setting (working in project teams)

We offer you 3 x 9 months projects in 2 countries and 2 businesses in which we would like you to start as soon as possible in 2017, but not later than September 2017. This project will be your start of your 27 months journey through the Philips Emerging Business organization.

We are looking for

Our ideal candidate has an analytic and problem solving mindset, and has/is:

  • Master degree in:

  • physics

  • biomedical engineering

  • Flexible and open attitude, good (customer) communication skills in English

  • Preferably affinity with working in cross functional teams;

  • Relevant experience with Fluid Dynamics

  • Affinity with modeling and microfluidic design and executing lab-experiments

  • High amount of lab skills

If you recognize yourself in this profile and would like to take this challenge, we invite you to apply until latest 27-11-2016.

Recruitment process

If you’re interested in this opportunity to join us, please upload your resume and motivation letter.

  • if you pass the pre-selection round you will be asked to make an online ability test;

  • if you achieve the required score on this test, you will be invited for Skype interviews with our Campus Recruiter;

  • if you pass this interview, you will be invited for a follow-up interview with the business through Skype

  • if you pass the first business Skype interview you will be invited for a second more in-depth business interview again through Skype.

  • When you successfully complete the selection process you are able to start as soon as possible in 2017 in your first assignment which is especially created for this program.