HCA, Hospital Corporation of America FNS Technician in Conroe, Texas


Under the general direction of the Director of Food and Nutrition Services, and the direct supervision of the Food Service Supervisor, the Food Service Assistant is responsible for a variety of tasks in the kitchen area, tray line, cafeteria and dish washing areas. The Food Service Assistant adheres to Food and Nutrition Services policies and procedures. Responsible for prompt and courteous service of quality food to patients of all ages and customers in all service areas. Maintains communication between food and nutrition services and other points of customer and/or patient services. Maintains sanitation and safety (HACCP) standards, and food quality and quantity to ensure a quality food service department.



  1. Reviews menus/utilizes tally sheet to effectively guide accurate food and/or nourishment preparation and pre-preparation.
  2. Utilizes standardized and special menus to maintain portion control; prepares patient trays in accordance with physician orders.
  3. Restocks floor pantries according to established par levels and correctly record amount delivered.
  4. Ensures that all food and supply deliveries are signed for, noting time and date.
  5. Receive food, beverage and supply deliveries according to HACCP guidelines.
  6. As directed, records food and equipment temperatures as well as food leftovers and usage.
  7. Utilizes cleaning schedules and completes forms with appropriate information.
  8. Employee reflects HCA values and sensitivity to HCA ethics and compliance principles in his/her daily activities. a. Adheres to policies on appropriate access. b. Respects patient Confidentiality. c. Upholds code of conduct.
  9. Performs other related duties as directed by the Food Service Supervisor or designee.


  10. Serves on tray assemble line assuring that the patient tray set-up and/or special function set-up is completed accurately in content, location of tray/place-setting components and is attractive.

  11. Delivers tray carts to nursing units. Retrieves used trays.
  12. As directed, setup special functions/catering for both inside and outside events.
  13. As directed, setup and work physicians dining room or cafeteria serving line ensuring that food tastes good, is appealing, and at proper temperature.
  14. Follows standardized recipes accurately and assures portion control in all food preparation.
  15. Utilizes principles of infection control and sanitation in the preparation, serving, and storage of food products. Handles and stores food in a manner to preserve freshness and ensure safety.
  16. Maintains equipment and work areas in sanitary and safe condition.
  17. Cleans and sanitizes tray components, utensils, equipment (including pots and pans), and floors and walls.
  18. With brief training, demonstrates correct use of chemicals.
  19. Abides by all policies, procedures, and guidelines set forth by Conroe Regional Medical Center and Food and Nutrition Services Department.

    C. INTERACTIVE (% OF TIME = 15%)

  20. Attends and actively participates in all in-service, training and departmental meetings with a focus on providing input regarding improving the quality of services in the department.

  21. Maintains own professional growth through appropriate in-service programs and other related education.
  22. Can comprehend and put into practice the principles of hospital and department specific mandatory in-service competency programs such as but not limited to Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness.
  23. Utilizes comprehension of English language to allow effective communication in both written and verbal form to fulfill position responsibilities.
  24. In collaboration with the Food Service Supervisor, establishes priorities for activities based on work demand.


  25. Displays an attitude of positive customer relations at all times, i.e. smile, pleasant tone, good eye contact.

  26. Does not participate in gossip.
  27. Does not negatively involve him/herself in a person(s) affairs in a way that would be detrimental to individual(s).
  28. Does not intentionally act in manner that would disrupt harmony of department.
  29. Consistently demonstrates behavior which reflects that working as a team is more important than self-interest.
  30. Demonstrates interpersonal competencies such as problem-solving, negotiation, and conflict management.
  31. Protects confidentiality of patients/coworkers, respecting their dignity, privacy, and differences.


    A. High school graduate or equivalent preferred. B. One year or more of food service or related work experience preferred.


    A. Physical Activity--D.O.T. Strength Rating: H Expected to occasionally lift up to 50 lb. with use of back support and to push food carts up to 500 lb. Will be standing or walking the majority of the shift. Daily activities will frequently consist of walking, kneeling, squatting, reaching and grasping. Proper body mechanics must be used continuously during all activities.

B. Sensory--Must efficiently hear ordinary conversations. Must be able to distinguish colors and writing communications.

C. Work Hazards and Risks--Potential for musculoskeletal injuries due to moving or lifting supplies and equipment; potential for exposure to hazardous substances within the hospital environment. D. OSHA Blood Borne Risk Category III (very limited exposure).

Title: FNS Technician

Location: Texas-Conroe-Conroe Regional Medical Center - Conroe

Requisition ID: 06437-68702