Loove Music Studio Tech/Assistant Engineer in Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn audio lab and arts advocacy startup has opening for a creative audio tech with production skills.

you’d need to be able to document work at a very high level- basic visual art or writing skills will be useful.

should have some hands-on experience either hacking/building devices, integrating systems and/or tweaking or developing digital tools.

should have a very strong grasp on testing and troubleshooting protocols.

should have a strong understanding of signal flow and a good foundation in electrical theory;

should have more-experience-than-average recording and/or making music with acoustic instruments,

should have strong critical listening skills, and should have solid project management skills.

For consideration! * please apply through JobScore with resume and cover letter. * please fill out our webform as well * Finally, include a link to any media, design or build projects you’ve undertaken for review.

compensation negotiable, generally to scale with our status as a self-funded startup.

thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.