Loove Music Builder/Designer in Brooklyn, New York

Builder/Designer Williamsburg-based music startup seeks a versatile designer/builder with a strong aesthetic sense.

Interdisciplinary background in fine art, electrical or mechanical engineering, wood/metalwork, media production would be helpful.

We have collaborative projects underway in studio, and product design, technical integration, architecture, cabinetry and more.

We would want your assistance in documenting design options, building projects collaboratively and working on ongoing upgrade and maintenance tasks with our facility team of three.

It will be an engaging growth opportunity for the right applicant- a collaborative environment; a diverse and talented team

Please send examples of your output in design, build and/or media, along with your resume through Jobscore.

If you've built a custom unfinished wood pedalboard with your own FX, would love to see it.

40 hours with flexibilty; compensation CWE- please drop us a line and we can look into options.

no drop-ins or recruiters, please