Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary STUDENT INTERN in Boston, Massachusetts


Under the general direction of the Director, Facility Services, and the daily direction of the Manager, Clinical Engineering and BMET, performs preventive maintenance and repair of clinical, surgical and other electromechanical equipment.

Must have completed training at a biomedical engineering school.

Rotates between the main MEEI building and the MACC building as determined by the Manager, Clinical Engineering.


  1. Performs maintenance and repair of clinical and other electromechanical related equipment. Performs scheduled and unscheduled preventive maintenance, incidental repairs, calibrations, safety checks, performance verifications, evaluations, and installations of this equipment following policies and procedures and with the approval of the Manager, Clinical Engineering.
  2. Utilizes and operates analog and digital electronic circuit analyzing and measuring devices, non-electronic measuring devices, tools, supplies and appliances of the trade, literature, and specialized devices associated with biomedical and electromechanical equipment.
  3. Performs preventive maintenance on various patient related devices. S/he originates purchase requests for components, supplies, tools and other equipment necessary in the course of work.
  4. Updates the inventory and control systems for all equipment supported by the department. S/he may also assist in the training of demonstrations for the staff on the operation of equipment. May provide technical assistance in the procurement process for other departments at the requests of the Director.
  5. In the performance of these duties and responsibilities, the BMEI shall be in variety of clinical, surgical, diagnostics, administrative and shop environments. Therefore, the BMEI shall interact well with all healthcare personnel, such as administrators, physicians, nurses, maintenance, and technical staffs; patients and visitors; and manufacturing, regulatory and accreditation agency representatives. Proper conduct appropriate for the variety of work areas and health care personnel shall be exercised at all times with particular attention to patients' rights to confidentiality.

  6. All work by the BMEI shall be performed in strict compliance with the codes, regulations, standards and practices of manufacturers, regulatory agencies, and the Massachusetts Eye and Ear. The BMEI may perform other tasks in preparation for increased responsibilities under the supervision of the Manager, Clinical Engineering, BMET or the Director.

  7. Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide services in areas where patients and visitors reside who are of various ages and developmental skills. Recognizes the need to assess patient conditions either directly or with the assistance of patient care professionals, which may prove to create anxiety or pose

  8. a risk and therefore, modify activities to reduce stress for the patient, visitor and staff. As an example, a patient in restraints usually poses a risk to his/herself or to others. The employee would seek advice regarding entry into the area, the risks posed, the controls necessary and alternatives for providing services.


Satisfactory completion of an accredited nine month certificate program in biomedical electronics technology program (or as deemed equivalent by the Director) or an equivalent program (such as Advanced Medical Instrumentation by the Armed Forces Training Program).


Due to the hazardous environment and risk present in this position, incumbent must adhere to all departmental and regulatory standards set for hazard/safety precautions in order to minimize risk and exposure. Uses personal protection devices and actions to reduce risks and/or exposure to: noise, electricity, steam, respiratory hazards, fire, hot and cold environments, power tools, lifting/pushing, chemicals, heights and elevated platforms, infectious materials and wet surfaces.


Must be physically capable to work with tools of the trade, to lift equipment for installation and to visually identify electromechanical components. Performs moderate lifting (15 to 44 pounds) and pushing. Performs moving of heavy equipment (over 100 pounds). Reaches above shoulders. Uses fingers of both hands. Walking/standing five hours per day. Occasional bending, stooping, crawling and keeling. Responds to situations which require rapid simultaneous mental and muscular coordination. Has near correctable vision at 13" to 16" have depth perception, able to distinguish basic colors. Has corrected hearing. Works with chemicals which are inherent to the operating and maintaining clinical equipment including medical gases, ethylene, cytotoxic drugs. Climbs ladders, occasional. Recognizes hazards and uses personal protection devices and actions, e.g., noise, electricity, steam (up to 100 psig), respiratory hazards, fire. Participates in stress producing emergency response situations where many hundreds of thousands of dollars are at risk including disruption of patient services. Exposure to infectious materials and sharps.

Requisition Number: 16-0333

Post Date: 9/20/2016


Department: Plant Operations

Hours Per Week: 40

City: Boston

State: MA