Upper Chesapeak Health Host/Hostess in Bel Air, Maryland


Department:Nutritional Services

Job Code:928

Schedule:PRN (As Needed/No Guaranteed Hours)

Shift:Various Hours

Hours:various hours

Job Details:JOB SUMMARY:Assemble and deliver meals to patients. The host/hostess ensures that trays are accurate per the CBORD printed tray ticket and appropriate for the patient's ordered diet, helps with tray compilation on the line and then delivers the trays to the patient floors and picks up dirty trays for delivery to the dish room. Ensures that all patients are aware of the room service meal program and helps get meal orders for patients unable or unwilling to call. Interacts with patients, nurses, secretaries and family and friends of patientsCcontinually develops knowledge and skills, as appropriate, for patients of any age, including neonate, toddler, school age, adolescent, adult, and geriatric patients in addition to the terminally ill patient. In addition, the host/hostess is responsible for maintaining floor pantry stock. Three Job Roles Within the Host/Hostess Title: Starter:The Starter sets up the trays at the start of the patient tray line,reads the tray ticket printed from the CBORD system and places the proper condiments and utensils. The Starter will restock the starter station during downtime. Assembler:The Assembler ensures that each ticket is being addressed and correct hot and cold items are being added to the tray. He or she is responsible for placing or assisting in placing additional hot and cold items on the patient tray. The Assembler will restock the trayline area during down times.Host/Hostess/Tray Deliver:The host/hostess checks the trays at the end of the tray line and places the trays onto the holding carts. The host/hostess delivers the trays to the patients within the established time frame, picks up the dirty trays and assists any patients who require help with ordering. MINIMUM KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Work Orientation & Experience:Prior experience in food service or retail preferred. The incumbent may require up to 2 months of detailed job orientation and training to gain specific capabilities to perform essential job functions. Skills & Abilities:Ability to work well under time constraints. Ability to work on multiple assignments under minimal supervision in a fast-paced environment is required. Ability to read and understand English is essential. Ability to understand and follow directions. Ability to use basic math skills. Ability to communicate effectively with patients of all ages. Ability to communicate effectively with members of the floor staff.