Philips Technical Specialist in Bangalore, India

Outcomes: The successful candidate will:

  • Engage full-cycle as a project team member to ensure that software validation establishes up-front readiness for validation phases of projects.

  • Conduct early dry run testing of software validation test procedures as they are being designed and written to ensure their high accuracy as well as provide up-front information on product performance.

  • Assist with associated software validation documentation such as plans and reports.

  • Ensure that all validation activities are conducted in accordance with Quality System requirements.

Behaviors: The successful candidate will demonstrate:

  • Self-responsibility and commitment in meeting project objectives and ensuring software validation activities are conducted with timeliness, thoroughness and accuracy.

  • Determination and sound technical judgment in problem solving and seeking solutions.

  • Ability to communication all aspects of risks that may develop, issues that may arise or ideas on opportunities for improvement.

Growth: The successful candidate will become:

  • Highly knowledgeable in the technical and operational aspects of ventilator products.

  • Expert in the approaches, test tools and test equipment used in the system-level testing of ventilator products.

  • Fully familiar with internal Quality System requirements and FDA guidelines for medical device software validation.