Blackstone Consulting Assistant DFM in Augusta, Georgia

Description/Job Summary

DATE: May 31, 2016

POSITION: Assistant Dining Facility Manager

*OPENING DATE: May 31, 2016 *

CLOSING DATE: until filled Please complete application and attach resume

SALARY: Based on experience

Under Supervision of the Assistant Project Manager, Responsibilities Include:

  • Management of all activities within the respective dining facility in the absence of the dining facility manager.

  • Responsible for coordinating with central office management, installation food program manager, and his assigned personnel on methods to improve the standards of the food service program.

  • Develops and posts employee work schedules. Conducts scheduled and unscheduled meetings with his staff to discuss preparation, cooking and serving of food, problem areas, suggestions and methods to improve operations.

  • Directs the staff and conducts formal and on-the-job training program for the staff.

  • Instructs headcount/cashier personnel, Cook I, shift leaders as to their duties and certifies that those duties are done.

  • Requisitions all food items, condiments and expendable supplies.

  • Prepares production schedules in the absence of the manager.

  • Conducts inventories, estimates future meal attendance and prepares DA Form 2970.

  • Prepares and maintains the dining facility account card within Army Guidelines in the absence of the manager.

  • Maintains files of required records in accordance with appropriate Army regulations, inspects equipment, buildings and facilities to ensure that safety and sanitation standards are maintained.Ensures personal hygiene of the employees.

    • Inspects the serving line and other activity centers while studying food preferences of the diners and the acceptability of various foods. Recommends desired menu changes to the manager office.*
  • Attends Menu Planning Board meeting, and Project Manager meeting to learn ways to improve the overall operation of the dining facility

· Maintain the safety bingo safety rules and guidelines to ensure all employees are working in a safe manner.

Training and Experience (minimum):

Must be a certified sanitarian as specified in TRI CODE and have a full understand­ing of the Army Food Management Information System (AFMIS).

Must be a high school graduate or equivalent.

  • Must have three years experience in military food services as a supervisor of a dining facility or an area supervisor.*


Within the past 8 years must have 2 years working in a large food service operation providing cafeteria style or multi-entree operation providing complete meal service (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Military food service experience in the pay grade of E-6 or above, warrant or commissioned officer may be credited as management experience for this position.

One year must have been served as a manager or an assistant manager.

Current sanitation certificate (within 4 yrs).

  • Proficient in Army Food Management Information System (AFMIS) or equivalent web-based software program.*

*All qualified personnel will be considered without regards to race, color, religion, national origin or familial status. *